About Us

Accenttech, LLC is one of the world’s leading providers of information technology consulting, business process management, infrastructure services and marketer of high-tech products. We are holding company composed of the following operating units:

Accenttech Consulting Group, Accenttech Business Group, Accenttech Direct Worldwide Group, and Accenttech Retail Group. Accenttech  is a limited liability company registered in Baltimore, Maryland, USA.

Our full-service IT consulting and business process management provides credible information regarding any signs of a problem that might put your investment at risk. We are a consulting firm that is practical and straightforward. We serve the information systems needs of the business enterprise – integrated business systems, public and private organisations, small medium enterprises, and agencies.

We are industry leading suppliers of hardware and software products and solutions to address risks and performance management. We provide a full complement of network technologies as well as outsourcing services for managing business offices, retail stores and outlets, warehouses and hospitality centers.

Our commitment as a leader in information technology consulting has been to continually update our knowledge to give the best professional advice.

Our mission is to provide high value IT solutions. We deliver on our mission through IT and business strategy, software and hardware sales and selection, technical services and support. We have the skills, methodology and experience to ensure the success of every project.

We add value to our services by establishing links with software and hardware manufacturers in the form of selling and servicing leading products. As an information technology consulting company, our clients hire us to evaluate their information technology needs and to plan and implement information technology solutions.

We create and improve our clients business and process management by bringing traditional process from an enterprise point of view to implement a seamless solution for automating business process.