Business Process

We assist organizations to come to terms with and reap the full benefits of change. We focus in the areas of Organizational Design and Development, helping organizations to move to optimum structures and cultures.

· IT Resources consulting, managing the IT issues associated with large-scale change (e.g., mergers, downsizing, relocation etc.) and re-engineering of IT and Operational functions.

· Improving technology and human performance within organisations (resulting in measurable commercial benefit) through formulation and development of learning and training strategy, implementation of the ‘learning organisation’, and experience of a range of techniques for improving human performance

· Complex change programme management experience – setting goals arising from strategy and developing and managing plans for reaching goals

· IT leadership development and executive coaching.

Accenttech focuses on two key areas of change: launching new technologies and optimizing existing technologies.

We accomplish these goals through an integrated approach based on Solution Architecture, Communication, Education and Performance Support. These competencies work seamlessly together to address the human side of technology initiatives from pre-planning through follow-up support.

We also adapt these offerings for organizations who wish to maximize the utilisation of their current technology infrastructure. Our methodology of planning, development, launch and post-launch support addresses the challenges throughout the project lifecycle.

Our Business Process Re-engineering offer is largely concerned with improving and reengineering business functions in their broadest sense.

We provide technology to enhance business functionality, such as, implementations from user perspective/non-technical project management of systems implementation.

We have consultants with experience across industries that have knowledge of how to make things work well and the courage to radically reengineer work processes to achieve quantum-leap improvement in efficiency and effectiveness.

We cover the following business areas:

* Finance and Performance Management

* Risk Management

* Procurement and the Supply Chain / Logistics

* Hospital Information System Management

* Sales and Marketing · Customer Services / Transaction Management

* Manufacturing

Most organizations will at some time face the problem of integrating their existing systems with the Web world of universal computing while still retaining the advantage of conventional and established business models.

Our migration and re-engineering services help our customers by transforming their legacy information systems into strategic enablers that support the growing needs of their businesses. Plus, our services can help reduce the costs of maintaining and upgrading existing applications. We offer customizable service levels to meet your organization’s unique needs and goals, including coverage for different time zones.