Usability Testing

Usability testing is at the heart of customer centric design solutions and at Accenttech Media we don’t just pay lip service to userfocus. Our dedicated in-house usability suite is fully wired to capture and monitor a variety of testing activities, with an adjacent viewing room where clients can discreetly observe the test as it happens.

Usability testing is not something that just happens at the end of a project. At various points throughout the project lifecycle, our specialist consultants sit down with real users to ensure their needs are being met. Whether it’s reviewing an existing site as part of requirements gathering, or testing paper-prototypes to validate the information architecture, this continual engagement with the end user provides ongoing quality assurance that ensures we deliver a solution that’s not only usable, but also useful.

Accenttech Media provides proprietary software and application development services. Our core focus is on content management solutions which make client websites and other digital channels simpler and easier for non-technical staff to update. We regularly assess the merit of off-the-shelf solutions and make recommendations in line with user needs and budgets.

We can also customize software to fit into a client’s working environment. This can include configuring workflow and embedding brand and content guidelines. We also advise clients on ad serving and e-commerce, and develop communications planning tools, brand management centres and database applications, which support day-to-day marketing programmes.