Security Management

Accenttech provides security system technology and equipment that can be used in both internal and external environments to watch over and protect people, property, vehicles and valuables. We provide a unique perspective to Information Security by blending specific security expertise with our core experience in Information Technology implementation and management.

Fraud is one of the most important issues concerning telecommunications service providers, who are second, after banks, in losing money through fraud. Fraud is a rapidly growing problem, with perpetrators becoming evermore sophisticated both in their techniques and their tools. Experience shows that if no effective anti-fraud control exists, sooner or later the operator is hit by a major fraud problem, which means loosing money. With a growing number of subscribers and an increasing number of distribution channels, enhanced services, and more complex tariff structures, an effective fraud management system is essential to minimize loss due to fraud reasons. Therefore an investment in an integrated fraud management system definitely pays off quickly even for operators of small networks.

Accenttech’s Fraud Management System is a fraud detection, analysis and decision support application environment for mobile telecommunications service providers. It serves as an assistant to fraud management personnel, detects and analyzes fraud and recommends fraud counteractions.

Our RFID systems can make your supply chain efficient and secure, helping increase sales and reduce costs. In today’s competitive business environment RFID can provide new, highly cost-effective solutions to many of the key challenges facing retailers and their suppliers.

In the retail and hospitality sectors, the use of CCTV is not confined to the prevention of crime. Properly designed and implemented, modern digital CCTV also provides valuable management information, as well as crowd control, staff monitoring and support. With a safer environment and increased peace-of-mind for staff, customers and the general public, there are benefits in terms of increased traffic and business.

Point-of-Sale Monitoring Internal shrinkage is a major problem for the retail sector. By using CCTV to monitor cashier activity, these losses can be significantly reduced. Our Point-of-Sale monitoring systems will analyse casher activity to identify potential fraud. When linked to the CCTV system video footage of each transaction, together with details of the transaction provide irrefutable proof of who sold what, to whom, at what price and when. Reports are generated, providing powerful tools to eliminate Fraud, Collusion, Sweethearting, Refund Abuse and Cash Theft.

With Digital CCTV technology there is no need to replay hours of tape to search for an incident. CCTV footage can be searched by simply entering a date and time or applying a mouse pointer to a timeline on a monitor screen. If the incident time is not known, a search can be made by marking an area on the image and asking the system to search for activity in that area, a list of events will be offered for review. During all these operations, normal recording continues, uninterrupted. Digital recorders offer significant benefits over VCR’s. These include: Low maintenance Never stops recording Superior image quality Instant Playback Fast image search & retrieval Easy alarm management Superior archiving capabilities Simultaneous Playback, Record & Archive No tapes required (unless archiving) Remote transmission & networking