Internet ECommerce

The internet is now a core part of the marketing mix for many of our clients. Some are still starting with a blank sheet of paper, so here we create a website from scratch. But most clients come to us with existing websites that need upgrading or improving, or with a desire to involve employees in the process of managing content. Often clients want to bring structure to a continually expanding web site, develop an online visual language in line with their brand, or test and improve site usability.

Accenttech Media can support all of these objectives both strategically and tactically, through continuing refinement or complete redesign and build. The Accenttech Media approach to most web development projects is based on a flexible and well established digital methodology that’s always seen in the wider context of brand, marketing and communications.

Improvements in extranets and intranets are a good way to get an excellent return on investment (ROI) and stay in touch with important audiences. Accenttech Media applies the same core skills to these areas of work that apply to external markets: market definition, customer segmentation and targeting, prioritisation of content and functionality, simple straightforward information design, and incentives to boost awareness and drive traffic.

Accenttech Media plans, designs and builds whole intranets and extranets – always tailored to specific client needs and focused on delivering useful tools which save time and make money for the business.

Digital communications are gradually changing the way we all interact, but e-commerce has completely transformed the business model in many industry sectors. Travel, books, CDs, insurance, flowers and even groceries are increasingly bought online, and prices and resources are changing to reflect this new consumer behaviour.

The Accenttech Media approach to e-commerce projects is to understand the relevant business model in detail, map processes and workflow based on best practice, conduct detailed usability research and then test the technology to ensure performance is satisfactory. The ultimate measurement is increased sales, so we work closely with our clients to monitor transactions and make rapid changes where required.