Information Technology Consulting

Accenttech Corporation helps organizations develop strategies that can be realized within an industry, culture, or trading network—and drive them deep within the organization. Our consultants possess the experience and expertise to work with corporate directors and senior executives to develop new perspectives on corporate performance, competitive tactics, market and customer intelligence, mergers and acquisitions, and trading partner relationships. We can help you develop your: * Global corporate strategy * Business unit strategy * Product/service line strategy

Accenttech advises businesses based on software and hardware strategy that facilitates the integration of data throughout the enterprise. We provide a full complement of network technologies as well as outsourcing services for managing business offices and information system operations.

Our ICT strategy consultants provides businesses deep functional skills coupled with experience in strategy formulation, implementation and business planning across the full range of the following:

· Corporate ICT strategy · Integration strategy · Technology market and competitive strategy · ICT organisational strategy · Technical architecture strategy · Migration plan strategy

In successful enterprises, business strategy cascades through the organization to drive every element of performance and change. This strategy determines how to align, acquire, and deploy resources to meet business needs and goals. And as markets evolve and change, organizational leaders must refine the strategy and persist in its execution to achieve real, measurable results.

While a corporate strategy is critical in charting the course for competitive advantage, growth, and success, an operational strategy must define the tactics and processes that support corporate strategy and generate real, measurable results.

Accenttech Corporation brings deep industry expertise, process proficiency, and technology skills to help organizations align operations to corporate strategy, reduce costs, increase efficiency and productivity, and build business value.

We work side-by-side with our customers to optimize operations through: * Asset visibility, control, and optimization * Advance planning and collaboration * Strategic sourcing and procurement * Customer segmentation strategies * Process De-Engineering and reengineering * Process Implementation * Multidimensional Business Analysis , performance management, and reporting